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Bird nests

on March 3, 2012

Kids love finding things in nature.  One of my students found a birds nest, that had fallen out of a tree, and brought it to share with the class.  I planned a lesson around her discovery.  Before the lesson, the kids and I went to the playground to gather natural materials, such as grass, leaves, twigs, as well as non-natural items like string, plastic, fabric. We read a non-fiction book, A Nest Full of Eggs, about birds and their nests.  Then we discussed what a bird uses to build it’s nest.  For the activity, The students used their found items to build a bird nest.  I encouraged them to only use their thumb and pointer finger to mimic the bird’s beak (also, this movement strengthens their fine motor muscles).  I would have loved to use natural eggshells but the kids seemed to enjoy the brightly colored plastic eggs.  Here are the finished products…ImageImage



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